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NEBDN National Diploma
in Dental Nursing:
Course Information


Everything you need to know about the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing.


The course lasts approximately

12-18 months

Start Date

Flexible! Due to distance learning you can start any time.

Awarding Body

National Examination

Board for

Dental Nurses



(including exam fees)

Course Components



This dental nurse diploma is designed to enable students to achieve their dental nurse qualification with flexibility in mind. It includes:

  • Detailed welcome pack sent by post.

  • Induction

  • Handbook

  • Online Modules accessed via our website (can be used for revision)

  • End of module tests

  • Practical video tutorials

  • MOCK exams that replicate the real exams

  • Monthly revision/q&a sessions

  • Access to Pebblepad for ROE completion (NEBDN's online software)

  • Personal tutor for help and support and to sign off ROE

  • NEBDN written exam and OSCE

A key part of the training for students is their Record or Experience (RoE) or Record of Competence (RoC), it documents their development over the course of the programme. Students will need the help of a witness to support them when completing it.

Key elements of the role:

  • Supporting the application of theory into practice.

  • Observing practice and performance within the Witnesses boundaries and providing constructive feedback.

  • Encouraging reflection on practice, performance and experiences.


How long does this route take? 

This option usually takes around 12 months to complete.

What does the course consist of? 

Providers of NEBDN courses may vary slightly but generally will include modules, mocks and 'Records Of Experience' to complete.

What qualifications do I need for this route? 

There are no formal qualifications required but you must be fluent in written and spoken English. 

How many exams are there? 

There 2 exams. One written exam and one OSCE exam (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). These exams have two intakes per year. 

Where are the exams based? 

All exams are online. 

When are the exams held?

Exams are held twice a year. 

Written: April and November

OSCE: January and June

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