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Becoming a Dental Nurse

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How to become a Dental Nurse

To become a dental nurse, it is most common to initially work as a trainee dental nurse within a dental practice. This opportunity allows you to get practical experience and training in the dental nursing field, without formal qualifications. Working as a trainee dental nurse is usually a paying position as well. The benefit of this option is that you can gain on-the-job training while also working towards completing your formal qualifications, which can place you at an advantage when you start applying for actual dental nursing jobs. 


To qualify as a Dental Nurse, you'll need to complete a dental nurse training course. The mode of delivery for these courses is variable with part and full time options in different learning environments. This is great as it ensures that this career path is highly accessible to a wide range of people and circumstances.

However you choose to study for your dental nursing qualification, the course has to be approved by the General Dental Council to be recognised in the sector and secure your career.

Dental Nurse Qualification Study Options

College: You could do a course at college that would give you skills and knowledge for this role. This is usually attended once per week and usually in the evening. Courses will combine full-time study with work experience in a dental surgery.

On the job: A common route is to start with a dental practice as a trainee and study online for a dental nursing qualification on the job.

Through an apprenticeship: You can take an apprenticeship in dental nursing. You'll need to be working in a dental surgery to do an apprenticeship. You could also do this role in the armed forces.

Career Progression

With experience you may be able to move into jobs like head nurse or dental practice manager. Alternatively, with further training, you could become a dental therapist, orthodontic nurse, orthodontic therapist or a dental hygienist.

Getting Started 

If you would are looking at dental nurse training courses with a view to securing a trainee role, or you are already a trainee and would like to start your formal dental nurse qualification, then Infills Academy can help. We specialise in online dental nurse training, delivering our primary course, the National Diploma in Dental Nursing, via distance learning with an accredited tutor.

Get on your way to achieving your dental nurse diploma today. Alternatively, find out more about college courses and apprenticeships.

Infills Academy is a leading national provider of online dental nurse training courses, accredited by the NEBDN.

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