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Distance learning 

Online learning from a distance has become a go-to method of education, especially as we all adjust to new circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.


What is distance learning?

Distance learning and our online courses allow you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your work or family life. You learn using study materials and online learning resources that are designed for active learning. 


What are the advantages of distance learning?

  • Study anywhere - our program can be fully studied online so you can learn from wherever you are.

  • Learn at your own pace - you'll have the flexibility to fit your studies around your schedule and work commitments on a part-time or full-time basis.

  • Value for money - fees for distance learning programmes are generally lower than on-campus programmes. 

How are learners supported?

When you register, we will give you access to the Student Portal. You can then access key resources including: the student handbook, modules 1-5, Pebblepad guidance etc.

How does distance learning work?

There are different types of distance learning available. 

Information may come in the form of: 

  • Videos

  • Presentations

  • Online powerpoints

  • Scheduled chats between students and their tutor


Is distance learning and online study right for you?

Our program is designed to be studied online, independently. Our students benefit from the flexibility to choose where and when they study at a pace that fits their lifestyle.

Want to know more about us? Speak to our friendly team today.

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